Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Prestige Hack Cheats

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Prestige Hack Cheats Tool [PC, Xbox, PS3, PS4]

How To Connect With Tool

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Cheats tool has very simple connect tab which is easy to use. First you need to choose the device you are using for gaming and then enter your game username. On the right side you will notice couple of additional options which will be explained in detail in special text. Of course, we will also give recommendations about when and why to activate these special safety features. At the end, you need to wait while Advanced Warfare Cheats Tool connects to the game server before proceeding and using any other tab of our tool.


Advanced Warfare Prestige Hack tab

Prestige hack tab is second tab in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multihack tool. It requires previous use of Connect tab with Safe mode security option activated. Avoid fast mode or you may experience some serious trouble in prestige hack mode. Use proxy should be used in case of problems arising, but is not necessary to be used for the first time you use COD Advanced Warfare Cheats For Xbox 360. Prestige hack tab deals with setting the level and prestige level (or generation) for your character in game. As you know, level for character is very important because it defines availability of weapons, other gear and specials for use in game. Generation or prestige level of the character is really presented in a game more as a sign of prestige, experience and quality of the player. But higher generation also can be very useful for your character because of the bonuses it enables. You can set any generation included the highest, by using Prestige hack tab. don’t forget to patch your profile before closing this tab!

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Hacks Tab

If we had to choose our favorite part of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Cheats tool for PS3 and PS4, it would certainly be the hacks tab. This tab is (in our opinion) main part of the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Cheats tool for Xbox and the real reason why we make hack tools. After all, Hacks tab in this program have the newest, completely redefined versions of Aimbot and Wallhack, which are completely safe to use. Of course, our old hacks like Unlimited ammo, No reload or famous God mod are also included in this Advanced Warfare Cheat tool. For some super abilities of the soldier, you can use Flying mod, Super jump or Invisible mod. Don’t forget to activate connect tab before proceeding to Hacks tab. As for safety options, they depend on whether you will use hacks in single player game, or in multiplayer. If you want to use hacks tab in single player mode, you don’t need any additional safety options activated, and can do this easily with fast mode turned on. Of course, don’t forget to connect to the game server, even though you are activating hacks for single player mode in offline mode. But using hacks in multiplayer mode is a whole different story. For this mode you must be very careful, and connect to the game server with safe mode and proxy option enabled. Only then you can proceed to use Hacks tab. You can activate as many hacks as you want, and even all of them at once if you like.


COD Advanced Warfare Cheats Tab

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Cheats tool has another interesting tab called Cheats tab. Cheats in this tab are much easier to apply because they are already implemented in the game by game designers, but locked later, before game launching. All we had to do is unlocking them again for your use. In Call of Duty Advanced Warfare designers went with similar set of cheats as in previous COD titles. That means that some strange ways of moving are included here, like no gravity cheat, teleport or super speed cheat. Of course, some really awesome cheats are also included, and our favorites are Automatic shotgun and Exploding gun shots. Unlimited health is old friend of every player, together with several more cheats.


How To Unlock All

Advanced Warfare Cheats tool is all about hacks and cheats. But it is also about hacking the unlocking system of the game. Call of duty franchise always had very detailed and interesting unlocking system, where players were awarded for many things in the game. By leveling players would unlock new weapons, equipment and other specials. By killing and doing missions during combat player would get new special abilities and the whole game was always full of Easter eggs which would unlock some interesting camouflage for weapons or uniform. Unlockables tab in Advanced Warfare Cheats tool is all about unlocking all these features instantly for player who uses the tab. Of course, we assume you used Connect tab prior to using Unlockables tab. We also recommend you use heavy safety measures, because Unlockables tab deals with some sensitive gaming mechanics, and we advise to turn on both Use proxy and Safe mode when dealing with this. Also we must mention that, due to the game technical possibilities and security and protective measures, we had to split prestige hack tab so that player can set the level and generation of his character in that tab, but must unlock all weapons and gear separately in Unlockables tab. We know it is a little complicate, but in fact it is rather simple procedure. First you use Prestige hack and set the level and prestige level for your soldier, then you proceed to Unlockables hack and unlock all the features you want for your soldier. As for selection of Unlocks in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Cheats tool, we have 9 choices which include Complete list of achievements for unlock, together with all the challenges and killstreaks. Of course, we also have complete set of cosmetic enhancements for the game such as all emblems and camouflage sets which can be also unlocked. But for most players probably the most interesting unlocks are certainly good old “All weapons” unlock. Use the Unlockables tab easily, you only need to check each feature you wish to unlock and press “unlock” button.


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